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Exams and Training in Infosec


Recently I have seen a trend of people posting things on LinkedIn along the lines of “I have achieved X which makes me Y” or “I’ve not bothered with exams because they are useless”. One post in-particular made me think, what exams are there? Are they needed? Are they useful? and is it possible to write a post which will make most people hate, and judge me? (I hope not!). In this post, I am going to look at a few of the options of training and certification in the industry as it stands, and such it may come across a tad ranty.

Mounting this, that and everything else in Kali


I always come across contain files such as VHD's, OVA's, XVA's and IMG's during tests, and I always forget the exact procedure for converting, and then mounting them in Nix. I will update this over time with mounting different file types encountered. This post will be updated over time whenever I need to mount something new.

Studying for and taking the CREST CPSA Exam


I Have recently studied for and passed the CREST CPSA Exam, I though I would share some thoughts and my pre-exam revision Notes to help other people thinking of taking this new exam from crest as when looked I could not find much about it!. Note: The Format of the exam is changing very very soon, so this may not be of use to you.

Redhat Spacewalk Tutorial | Kickstarts and Configuration Management


Spacewalk offers the ability to generate and deploy Kickstarts (standard builds, keep an eye on packages that are installed on the system as well as compare any file that is on the remote machine to a local copy, giving I.T management an overview of which systems require patching or are not conforming to standards`. In this post I will go through the kickstart creation process and Spacewalks configuration management.

Redhat Spacewalk Tutorial | Installation, RPM's, Kickstarts and Clients


Redhat's Spacewalk is a management solution to allow controlled patch deployment, maintenance of configuration files, system deployment through PXE for both virtual and bare-metal systems while also offering monitoring of system status, the automatic inventory cataloguing of registered clients and security auditing of systems all in a centralised manner. This post will go through the installation of the program as well as the set up of a repository, PXE booting and client registration.

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Hi There! This is my website to discuss / blog what I would sum up as about “stuff”. It has posts for technical information on the management of systems, to just random thoughts. To keep things tidy and sane all posts are split up into three categories, Networking and Security, Linux and Programming and Projects. This page addresses the three questions you would expect from an “about me” page, who I am, why is this here, and what I use to make and maintain this website.

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Cygwin and Jekyll

Installing Cygwin + Jekyll in Windows 8.1

Just a quick one from me today, I recently got an excellent new laptop, that sadly does not seem to want to dual boot with Fedora, so I have been forced to fall back to just a Windows 8 Machine. A work colleague suggested I give Cygwin a whirl to continue to use all the amazing things Windows just can't do. During the set-up, I got extremely annoyed with the GUI based normal way of installing the environment due to me managing to break Ruby + gems and it taking longer than necessary clicking all the boxes to select the wanted applications, so I made a snippet to make the reinitialization of Cygwin in future much easier. I have moved on since this post to using Hugo instead, as ejekyll no longer works, and Hugo does!

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