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Bsides London PreCon Challenge : Cracking the vault


This year I decided to do some of the pre besides challenges chance to get a ticket to go to the event as I wasn’t lucky enough to get a ticket in the presale. Remembering challenges are available to get tickets I got stuck into the “Palisade bank” challenge. This appeared to be the web application challenge, claiming to need basic OSINT, enumeration, and application testing. The challenge took around 12 hours to complete and was quite fun, so thanks to Daniel card from XServus for submitting the challenge.

Exams and Training in Infosec


Recently I have seen a trend of people posting things on LinkedIn along the lines of “I have achieved X which makes me Y” or “I’ve not bothered with exams because they are useless”. One post in-particular made me think, what exams are there? Are they needed? Are they useful? and is it possible to write a post which will make most people hate, and judge me? (I hope not!). In this post, I am going to look at a few of the options of training and certification in the industry as it stands, and such it may come across a tad ranty.

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<h2> Hi There!</h2> <p> This is my website to discuss / blog what I would sum up as about "stuff". It has posts for technical information on the management of systems, to just random thoughts. To keep things tidy and sane all posts are split up into three categories, Networking and Security, Linux and Programming and Projects. This page addresses the three questions you would expect from an "about me" page, who I am, why is this here, and what I use to make and maintain this website.

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If you want to contact me then please use the contact email address below :- <Oops not just now please> Wait thats no email address? Correct, Its my GPG public key, within that block of text my email is held, now you have three options, Import the Key Look for the fingerprint on a key server Give up as its too much effort How do I import the key?

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Useful links Here is a list of some very useful sites, in no particular order Other Blogs SecureHat - A fellow Security Blogger Adam Shore's blog - ( Tech | Security | Linux | Bike | Misc ) ramblings Ridiculously useful tech sites Nixcraft - A howto for "Everything!" HowtoForge - A friendly wiki style sollection of howtos DarkNet - A collection of useful security tools Other Sites Overclock.