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Exams and Training in Infosec


Recently I have seen a trend of people posting things on LinkedIn along the lines of “I have achieved X which makes me Y” or “I’ve not bothered with exams because they are useless”. One post in-particular made me think, what exams are there? Are they needed? Are they useful? and is it possible to write a post which will make most people hate, and judge me? (I hope not!). In this post, I am going to look at a few of the options of training and certification in the industry as it stands, and such it may come across a tad ranty.

Studying for and taking the CREST CPSA Exam


I Have recently studied for and passed the CREST CPSA Exam, I though I would share some thoughts and my pre-exam revision Notes to help other people thinking of taking this new exam from crest as when looked I could not find much about it!. Note: The Format of the exam is changing very very soon, so this may not be of use to you.