Hi There!

This is my website to discuss / blog what I would sum up as about “stuff”. It has posts for technical information on the management of systems, to just random thoughts. To keep things tidy and sane all posts are split up into three categories, Networking and Security, Linux and Programming and Projects. This page addresses the three questions you would expect from an “about me” page, who I am, why is this here, and what I use to make and maintain this website.


So who am I? I’m a Technical Security Engineer and ‘Pen Tester’ for a computer security firm but am aspiring to move into Lead Security Testing role and finally in a good few years move into Information management at CISO level. I graduated from De Montfort University in 2013 with a 1st class honours in computer security and am continuing my studies with third party providers. Currently, I am the holder of ISC CISSP, CREST’s CPSA and CRT, OffSecs OSCP and am working toward a couple of other security / networking certificates to expand my knowledge outside of what I touch on every day. Currently reading into Ciscos CCNA (switches make the world go round), CREST CCT-WEB and Offensive security OSCE. (Ooft useless letters BSc CISSP CRT CPSA OSCP how many more can I get? Nobody knows …)


So why does this site exist? Well three main reasons;

  • First it’s to give back to the internet, well written technical resources make my job easier, blogs such as Nixcraft How to Forge and How to Geek offer tips, tricks and common pitfalls on Linux, networking and security. By not only offering the hows, but also the whys. If my site can help one techy that is scratching their head then, the site is a success!
  • Second to improve my writing skills. Although English is my first language, I feel like my spelling, grammar and general descriptive skills could do with improving, and, as they say, the best way to getting better at something is by doing! So I do apologise in advance for any mistakes that are in my posts, if you find any drop me a line and let me know so I can fix it up!
  • And finally to increase my knowledge. By writing about specific technical fields, any inadequacies will become apparent as I write the article, leading me to do more reading on the subject


The three sections on the site are quite self-explanatory, Networking and Security (netsec) will contain posts about computer networks, system security management and nibbits of stuff I find interesting and relevant. OS and programming (osprog) will mainly have useful things in bash such as shell scripts, and maybe the odd post on languages I am learning at the moment, and projects will be a mishmash of many things!


So how is the site made and managed? The entire site is static, using the blogging engine Hugo, a set of templates, and a few shell scripts allowing me to do everything I want; Have a simple “bloggy” website that supports tags, as well as archives and wont fall over and get defaced due to bugs and exploits. More in-depth information on how the website will be made available Here and a raw unmade version of my website is available from my GitHub if your interested in seeing how Hugo manages it.

During the websites creation, I have tried to keep dynamic content to a minimum, allowing the website to be easily portable to anything with a web server on. Post comments are provided by the folks over at Disqus where all you need to comment is either, a Facebook profile, a Twitter account, or an Email Address, simples. I also use google analytics on the website, but as the avaScript includes are not vital, the site works fine with you smart people that run script block.

I am sure it goes without saying that all opinions / views / ramblings expressed within this domain or any others owned or operated by myself are of my opinion. They should not be to taken as any form of professional advice or to be associated with anything or anyone, nor any corporate entity and if anyone believes that some content should be removed please contact me to discuss why.